Automatic Can Crusher


What Will a Can Crusher, Automatic (Electric) or Otherwise, Do for You?

Why would you want to consider an automatic can crusher or any kind of can crusher? Will adding one to your home or recreation center be a good addition?

Recycling Aluminum Cans

In these modern days recycling is a big concern. We try to minimize the trash we throw away into our land dumps. I don’t even want to think about the trash that gets into the oceans. The trash problem just keeps getting bigger as our population continues to grow and as more and more people even in third world countries start to lead lives with more modern conveniences.

Some cities and counties even require recycling of all things that can be easily recycled. This usually includes glass bottles, newspapers and paper in general, and aluminum. If you have to recycle for legal reasons or you do so just because you believe it is a good idea for both the economy and the environment, sooner or later those recyclables are going to pile up.

While there’s not a whole lot you can do to reduce the size and space needed by glass bottle or even newspapers, you can do something with those aluminum cans. You can use a can crusher to reduce them so they take up less volume. In fact you can reduce them so they take up about 1/5th the amount of space or so.

Who Can Use Can Crushers?

Now if you only drinks a couple sodas or beers a week, which are beverages that usually come in aluminum cans, then you might just want to keep on crushing the cans up using your feet. If you have someone especially hard headed in your family or home, you might find he does an excellent job of crushing a can on his forehead. Maybe that will even be a rite of passage within a fraternity.

However, if you and your family or roommates do go through a lot of cans in a week or even a day, you might find it worth your while to invest in an automatic can crusher or even a manual one. Yes, I know this site’s name is about automatic ones and does some automatic can crushers but it also shows some manual ones for those who just don’t want to go with an electric can crusher.

Now families are not the only ones who may want to invest in an automatic can crusher. Any group or place where people get together in largish groups and enjoy beverages in aluminum cans might just decide that it is an excellent idea to have a can crusher available to help with the clean up. Such places could be community centers, recreation centers, fraternities or sororities, veterans groups, or just any kind of place or group who might find can crushers to be a big help. Crushers are a good investment for fairs and festivals too.

How Else May Can Crushers Help You?

Then there’s a secondary benefit to collecting and crushing cans. That is you can get paid to recycle your aluminum. If you can get 50 cents a pound for aluminum, you can figure out how long it will take to replace the cost of buying a crusher. After it’s paid off, you have that extra little bit of income to put into the group’s coffers. Not bad for something you might just end up throwing away normally. Hey, that extra might allow you to buy some more beverages of your choice to stock the frig for the next get together.

One more good reason to invest in a can crusher is that it will make your area, be it a kitchen in a home or a trash area beside a food booth, look a lot more sanitary. You won’t be filling up the trash can or even recycle bin too quickly with the cans so that you end up with an overflowing mess.

Besides, those little aluminum can wafers that are the result of going through a can crusher look a lot better than a can with liquid still dripping out of it. As said before, they also take up less space in this condition than a full up can.

Do It Yourself Can Crushers

Now if you are a do it yourself kind of person or have one of those type of people in your household, you might be interested in making your own automatic can crusher. Youtube has all kinds of videos with guys showing off the can crushers they have made. Some are very elaborate. One video even shows a science teacher using science to crush cans by first creating a vacuum within the cans and then letting air pressure crush the cans. That might be a little much when all you really want is to save some time and space with your can clutter.

But I’m including a couple videos below here just for the “tool guys” who like that kind of thing.


However, if you are like me you don’t want to build a tool. You just want the job to get done. The quickest and easiest way to do that is to simply buy one. On this site in additional posts you can see all different kinds of can crushers that are available to do the job of crushing aluminum cans. There are manual ones and also a couple automatic can crushers. So just check out the different products listed over in the sidebar to find a nice can crusher, automatic (electric) or manual, that will do the job you need.

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